//The Differences Between Curtains and Blinds

The Differences Between Curtains and Blinds

While you are inspired by the images to create your dream home, you might be confused about the differences between curtains and blinds.

What makes them different and how can you use them for your rooms?

Let us share with you the differences between window curtains and blinds to help you make a better choice.

Basic Information on Curtains

Curtains commonly come in 2 panel fabrics and are very versatile in designs and styles to fit into most interior.

As the come in pairs, they can be open from the left and right and secured with a tie-belt. They are not to be confused by drapes that are commonly used for long windows.

The two main curtain types that we have are day curtains and dim-out curtains.

Day curtains are sheer curtains that are installed to reduce harsh sunlight coming in while still letting the room be nicely lit up during the day.

Dim-out curtains are able to block out up to 90% of sunlight. They make the room dark during the day and at the night, it provides a good night’s rest without light interference. It is especially good for deep sleep and sleeping in!

Basic Installation and Specifications of Curtains

Curtains normally go above the window and can start few inches from the ceiling. You can read our guide on to How to Measure Window for Curtain Rod and Track to learn more.

Curtain rod for eyelet curtain

Window curtains require the installation of rod or track in order to slide them across the window.

Their hanging mechanisms can include hooks, metal or fabric rings, fabric sleeve or metal grommets.

Basic Information on Blinds

PVC venetian blinds open and close for privacy and light filter.

Standard window blinds normally come in horizontal styles and can be lifted up and down.

While vertical blinds are usually used for large sliding windows or balcony doors and can be pulled left to right.

The basic mechanisms are to tilt open or close the slats to filter light in; or to lift up or put down the blinds to open your window or allow full daylight in.

Since light and privacy can be controlled with its mechanisms, you are not required to raise the entire blind for daily use unlike curtains.

Window blinds also come in various materials such as fabric, PVC, wood, bamboo, vinyl slats, plastic, etc.

If you recall, blinds are most commonly found in schools or office. However, it has gained popularity in residential homes because it provides a sleek look and requires low maintenance.

What are The Differences Between Curtains and Blinds?

The purpose of having windows is to allow for natural lighting and fresh air to come into your home.

However, being open to natural elements means that you might experience high heat, harsh sunlight or even noise.

Installing curtains or blinds can help to reduce the room’s heat, prevent harsh sunlight from damaging your furniture, provide privacy and can even help to filter out some noise.

We talk about the differences between curtains and blinds in terms of their functionality, cost and maintenance.



Curtains can provide you with privacy and light control. It can also add add an accent to your room with their styles, colours, shapes and prints.

They are also commonly be used as part of a partition for an office, beauty salon, shared room or in-between rooms.

During the day, day curtains can filter out harsh sunlight while still keeping your home bright.

During the night, dim-out curtains can block out up to 90% of the lights and give you a good night’s sleep.


There are four types of blinds available on the market: roller blinds, vertical blinds, Venetian blinds, Roman blinds and Korean blinds.

They all have differing styles and mechanisms to provide privacy, light blocking and functions.

During the day, blinds can filter lights in while still providing privacy for your home. They can also be used to prevent the room for heating up.


Both curtains and blinds offer you better energy conservation as they help to cool your home especially in Singapore. You will be able to consume less electricity towards your air-conditioning.

Curtains can offer very limited control in light filtering. While blinds are not too efficient in blocking out lights up to 90% unlike curtains. Light tend to leak out of the sides and slits of the blinds.

In additionally, some blinds also make a lot of noise when the wind is blowing as it knocks against your wall or window.



Generally, curtains cost lesser than blinds due to its simplicity and use of material.

In our curtains package, we also offer affordable pricing for our clients and include complimentary items. It is our aim to keep cost efficient for all homeowners.

However, some curtains can also be expensive due to the fabric quality and type that you choose.


While blinds require lesser maintenance, they can cost higher than curtains due to their material and mechanisms required.

Blinds for standard windows can also be affordable while blinds for tall windows can cost higher due to its size.



Curtains can be maintained in various ways such as dusting, vacuuming, dry cleaning, machine wash, hand wash and steam cleaning.

For cleaning of curtains, care instructions must be followed to upkeep the appearance and shape of your curtains.


As mentioned above, blinds can come in different materials from fabric, PVC to natural wood.

Their maintenance methods are slightly different but can all be dusted and wiped clean with a damp cloth.

For cleaning of blinds, you can ask our consultants during your appointment or read our guide.

Curtains or Blinds for Living Room?

Choosing curtains or blinds for your living room or home can be difficult as you see the benefits and differences of both.


A dimout curtain can easily make a living room look dark and gloomy during the day but definitely good when there’s a movie party going on.

An alternative to curtains in the living room would be to use day curtains. With its sheer fabric, you can filter light while having privacy during the day.

A combination of day curtain and dim-out curtain provides you with the versatility of light filter, privacy and block out of lights during the day and night.


Meanwhile, blinds can be translucent or adjusted to filter in natural light while still giving you the privacy you want during the day.

With your windows opened, you can tilt your blind slats to allow fresh air to come in while still maintaining privacy.

If you are using a Korean blind that is made from fabric or mesh material, simply opening the window can allow air circulation as well.


Yes, both curtains and blinds offer light and privacy control. However, blinds can offer more control while allowing natural light to come in. While curtains are not able to do so without blocking a large portion of light. That is why we offer free day curtains with dim-out curtains in our HDB BTO packages and Condo packages for your living room.

On the other hand, you can also choose to install both blinds and curtains so you can use it interchangeably during the day with blinds and night with your curtains. The mix of day curtains with blinds can add a soft touch to the room.

Which is Better: Blinds or Curtains?

The benefits of curtains and blinds are highly similar but if you are looking for one that’s easier to clean and simple, you can choose blinds over curtains.

If you prefer to add styles or accent to your home or intend to change out curtains frequently while redecorating for the New Year, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya or Deepavali, curtains may be a better choice as it can be costly to change out blinds.

You can also consider to combine the use of:

  • Day curtains + Dim-out Curtains
  • Blinds + Dim-out Curtains

All in all, it will be good for you to consider your overall interior design to see whether curtains and blinds suits it. You can also book an appointment with us so we can recommend the best choice that fits your home.

Where to Get Custom Made Curtains and Blinds?

We hope this guide was helpful in helping you determine whether you want curtains or blinds in your home.

To install curtains for your home, check out our curtain packages for HDB BTO and Condo. If you wish to get blinds installation, you can drop us an inquiry via our form or Whatsapp us to get a free no obligation consultation with us!

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