You have come to the right place if you are learning how to clean curtains.

In this post,  you will learn how to maintain and clean your home curtains to give them an extended lifespan.

Maintenance of Curtains

When it comes to curtains maintenance, you should note that curtains do not come into contact with your body daily hence there’s no need to wash it frequently.

Washing them frequently may cause appearance and shape change, colour fading, warping or wear and tear if you are not careful while handling them.

You can bring your curtains down for washing or send them to us for washing once every 6 months.

Before washing your curtains, always check their care instructions to confirm their washing and drying methods.

Ways to Clean Curtains

Curtains can be cleaned in the following ways (if allowed):

  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Machine Wash
  • Hand Wash
  • Steam Cleaning


For dusting of curtains, you can use a lint roller to remove any dirt, dust or fur from your pets.

When you encounter spots or stains, you can use a damp cloth to remove them. If it’s tough to remove, you can send them for cleaning.

Vacuum Weekly or Monthly

As mentioned, most curtains only require regular vacuuming or dusting.

While vacuuming your curtains, set the vacuum suction to low and use the vacuum’s brush attachment. This is to prevent the fabric from getting out of shape due to the strong suction.

When vacuuming, remember to clean your curtains fold, pleats, hem and sides.

Machine Washing

Before washing curtains, always check your curtains’ care instructions on how to care for your curtains before taking any action.

Some things to note, always check if your curtains can be machine washed or exposed to sunlight.

If they can be washed, use gentle detergent and delicate wash cycles. This keeps their condition good in good appearance and shape.

Always remember to thoroughly check for and remove any hardware or fittings (hooks or buttons) before putting them into your washing machine.

Lastly, check your washing machine’s load weight so curtains can become heavy when soaked in water. So be careful not to overload your washing machine!

Alternatively, you can enquire about our washing service.

Hand Washing

Hand washing is another option for washing curtains. However, it would be tough and time consuming due to the weight and size of curtains.

You can wash your curtains in a tub or bath tub to rid them of any impurities.

Be careful to handle with care and not rub the fabric against each other to avoid change in appearance or shape.

After hand washing, if you curtains allow, you can then put them into your washing machine on slow spin cycle to drain excess water.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a powerful way to remove dirt and stains for curtains.

When using a steam cleaner, be sure to use a gentle setting and avoid using too much steam and cause your curtains be to drenched.

After learning about these methods of cleaning, you should have no issues caring for your curtains! You can also read our guide on how to clean blinds if you have blinds in your home.

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