4-Room HDB BTO Curtains

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$830.00 $730.00
You save $100.00

This is the package for your 4-Room HDB BTO curtains and installation.

*Top up $200 to upgrade to our premium package that includes:
Premium quality dimout curtain + FREE living room day curtain!

Don’t miss this offer if you are looking for the best custom made window curtain furnishing for your new home or home renovation!

This package for a living room and 3 bedrooms includes standard dimout curtains, window track, tie belt, and FREE installation.

In addition, you will get a wide selection of quality 80%-98% dimout night curtain fabric that provides you with privacy and sunlight control.

Please see item description below for all inclusive items and services.


4-Room HDB BTO Curtains Package

Product  80%-98% Dim-out Night Curtains
Services Free onsite Quotation
  Free Installation
  Free Delivery
  No GST
Complimentary Window Track (Aluminium White Powder Coated) + Side Hook
  Tie Belt

Premium Deal

Add $200 and upgrade to premium textile with complimentary living room day curtain!

Complimentary services of window track, day curtain, tie belt, delivery and installation.


Lasting and affordable textile selection for curtains.
Key features of having dimout curtains. To heat, dimout sunlight, provide privacy and be accent decor.

Installation Styles

Short Window

Tall Window

Tall Window

Walk-in Closet

Choosing Colour

Warm Tone

Warm tone textile icons

Cool Tone

Cool tone textile icons

Neutral Tone

Neutral tone textile icons


If your interior consists essentially of warm colours,
do select a warm colour curtain for the window.

Design Swatches

Below are some sample textiles from our collection.
Do contact us to view the full series of textiles available.

Plain curtain textile colour swatch
Textured curtain textile colour swatch
Glossy pattern curtain textile colour swatch
Vivid pattern glossy curtain textile colour swatch
Popular tones glossy curtain textile colour swatch
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Q1: Are there any additional costs in your HDB BTO Curtain Package?
A: There are no extra costs for our HDB BTO curtain packages. The prices are for one living room and respective bedrooms.
Note: If you have a L-shape window, the prices will be different.

Q2: Are there any additional costs in your Condo Curtain Package?
A: The prices stated in our Condo curtain packages are estimated due to the nature of difference in measurements of condo. They are for Condominium windows that are not over 3m x 2.6m (width x height).

Q3: Do I have to pay for GST?
A: No, we are not a GST registered company at the moment. So you get to enjoy rates with no GST fees.

Q4: Do I need to take my own measurement for my windows?
A: You do not need to do so. You can book an appointment with us to enjoy a free consultation and measurement of your home or office windows. Alternatively, you may read our guide to learn how to measure your windows.

Q5: Do you have any designs that I can see?
A: We have a wide catalogue of style and materials for your window curtains or blinds. You can book a free consultation with us and we will bring down samples for you to have a look. Alternatively, you can also arrange to come by our showroom as well.

Q6: What is included in your package?
A: Our packages include:

  • Free on-site quotation
  • Dimout curtain for living room and respective bedrooms (80%-95% blockage)
  • Complimentary day curtain for living room
  • Complimentary window track
  • Free installation
  • Free delivery
  • 2 years warranty
  • NO GST

For example, a HDB BTO 4 Room Package will include curtains for 1 living room + 3 bedrooms.

Q7: Can I also get blinds for my kitchen or balcony?
A: Yes you can! You may visit our product page to know more about our blinds or set up an appointment with us to find out more.

Q8: Do you have warranty for your curtains and roller blinds ?
A: Yes, we provide 2-year warranty for our curtain track and blind mechanisms. Do note that wear and tear from normal use are not covered.

Q9: How long is the whole process of your service to install curtains and blinds?
A: From the point of appointment until installation, it will take approximately 7 to 10 working days. During festive seasons, it will take up to 14 working days for the whole process to complete.

Q10: How long do you guys take to install the curtains and blinds?
A: Installation takes about 2 hours to complete. For the whole process from consultation to installation, refer to previous question.

Q11: How do I maintain and clean the curtains and roller blinds?
A: You may visit our guide page on maintaining curtains and blinds to find out more. Alternatively, you may consult our staff to know more during your appointment or onsite installation.

Q12: Do I need to pay for consultation with you guys?
A: We provide FREE CONSULTATION for all interested home owners and office owners with NO OBLIGATIONS! Feel free to engage us for a consultation and we will be glad to help you along with it. There’s no pressure and you can take the time to think after our first appointment with you.

Q13: What is the payment mode by Ace Curtains & Furnishing?
A: We accept cash, cheque, and bank transfer.

Q14: How long is your appointment?
A: Appointment with us normally takes about 1 to 2 hours. Do take note to give us a 30 minutes buffer time for arrival with regards to your appointment with us.

Q15: What’s the fastest way to contact Ace Curtains?
A: You can call us at 9739 2341 (Wilson) / 8123 3614 (Lynn) or drop us an email at acecurtains@gmail.com.
We normally get back within 12 hours.


  • Wide selection of premium fabric for you to choose from
  • Curtains made in Singapore (*fabric sourced internationally)
  • Installation within 7-10 working days
  • 2 Years Warranty


  • Please note to include a 30 minutes buffer time for all appointments.
    • For example, if your slot is at 13:00, our consultant will arrive between 13:00-13:30.
  • Samples will also be provided during appointment at your home or in our showroom.
  • For irregular shape window, such as L-shaped, additional charges apply.
  • Photos shown are for illustration purposes only.


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